The GABRIEL Consortium meeting in Prague

The Gabriel Consortium had a two day meeting in Prague. The first day was dedicated to the reports on the progress made since last meeting. Also the consortium partners have prepared for the public presentation to be delivered on the EASN Conference that was held same day in Prague. Then Professor Jozsef Rohacs presented the GABRIEL concept and the progress achieved so far on the EASN Conference.  Meanwhile the consortium partners have discussed the details of the sledge, cart and the fixing mechanism that is required. The discussion results and the selected solutions will enable the consortium to carry out further calculations regarding the needed power chain and build more precise computer simulations.

On the second day the consortium had the Expert Group meeting where concept and the so far achieved results were presented. After that a discussion was held with the participation of the experts. The experts have expressed their concerns towards the impact of the concept on the ground operations and the issues of the implementation. The consortium has decided that these aspects should be further elaborated. Furthermore the details of magnetic levitation and the propulsion system were discussed where the consortium gained additional information on the topic worth considering.