Italian Aerospace Research Center

The CIRA is a not-for-profit shareholding Consortium founded in July 1984. The main shareholders are ASI (Italian Space Agency), CNR (National Research Council), Consorzio ASI/Regione Campania and the main Italian aerospace industries. Yearly operation cost partly covered by government contribution. CIRA operates according to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of

Education, University and   Research (MIUR). The Italian government has entrusted CIRA to manage the PRORA (Italian Aerospace Research Program). CIRA's commitments are the followings:

o perform PRORA (Italian Aerospace Research Program) to support the Italian Aerospace community with facilities and proper skills under the control of Ministry of Research o design, manage and operate the facilities o build up and integrate competences and expertise o define, manage and execute R&TD projects o educate and train scientists and technicians o keep PRORA updated

This strategy is applied performing the following actions:

o Improve and intensify cooperation with the EC;

o Promote collaborative R&TD activities within EU FPs;

o Increase networking with European REs and Industry;

o Start-up cooperation with "Classical Aeronautical" MS and NMS;

o Increase competitiveness in specific areas;

o Enlarge the activity perimeter taking into account current scenario, emerging business opportunities, scientific and technological spin-off from running activities (Security, Environment);

o Disseminate a CIRA image corresponding to current R&TD and service capabilities. CIRA is an active member in European groups: EREA (Research Establishments for Aeronautics), GARTEUR (Group for Aeronautic R&T ), ACARE (Advisory Committee for Aeronautic Research), ACARE-Italia, CIRA as a member of EREA (European Research Establishment Association) the network of national research centres in Europe, is ensuring a coordinated contribution to European integration and SRA implementation, at a National and European level.

Since 1985, CIRA has successfully executed and participated to a very large number of R&TD projects supporting and cooperating with international and national aerospace industry, Research Establishment, Universities, within EC Framework programs, ESA contracts, etc. CIRA was involved from the beginning on EC FPs implementation and currently is both partner and coordinator of several FP7 projects ranging from L1, L2 up to L3 (Clean Sky, SESAR) including CSA and networking actions (Astera projects, Air-TN, EWA, etc.)