NLR - National Aerospace Laboratory

The National Aerospace Laboratory NLR is the central institute for aerospace research in the Netherlands. Since 1937 NLR is an independent non-profit organisation that provides technological support to aerospace industries, to operators of civil and military aircraft, of airports and of ATC systems, to authorities and to international organisations, all over the world. NLR is a customer┬Čoriented research organisation, working under national and international contracts in projects concerning aircraft development, aircraft operations, and space technology. Work under contract totals about 75 per cent of NLR's activities; NLR's programme for basic research and development of research equipment, funded by the government of the Netherlands, amounts to about 25 per cent. NLR employs a staff of about 900 in two main establishments, one in Amsterdam and one in the Noordoostpolder. Over two-thirds of the staff are graduates from universities or technical colleges. NLR owns several wind tunnels, including a low-speed, a transonic and a supersonic wind tunnel, and two research aircraft, a Fairchild Metro II and a Cessna Citation II. NLR has developed two moving-base research flight simulators, of which the National Simulation Facility (NSF) is equipped with an F-16 cockpit in Mid-Life Update configuration for the testing of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions and a Research Flight Simulator with modular cockpit avionics. NLR's ATC research simulator (NARSIM) and Tower Research Simulator (TRS) enable research to be carried out on Air Traffic Management, Airport Operations and Surface Movement Guidance and Control, including human factors issues. NLR has available equipment for testing full-sized structures, specimens and materials including composites, and equipment for the development of spacecraft components. NLR also has available a large set of flight test equipment, a computer system for the development of electronics and avionics, and equipment for calibration and for environmental testing.