AdC - AD Cuenta B.V.

AD Cuenta is an aerospace consultancy company that was started in 2005 by Adriaan de Graaff. Before that he had a successful, 32 year career at the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in the Netherlands where he held a variety of increasingly executive positions with the laboratory , including responsibilities for strategy, company reorganisations, financial issues and international cooperation.

Ad Cuenta specializes in consultancy related to strategic aerospace issues, corporate development, long term research and European co-operation in the domain of aircraft development, airports, ATM research and research infrastructures.

Mr de Graaff worked closely together with the European Commission and the European industry, research infrastructures and universities in relation to European Programmes for more than 13 years. He was actively involved in European and global research co-operation and the creation of joint infrastructures like the German- Dutch wind tunnel (DNW). He helped to create the association of European research establishments EREA.

In 2006/2007 he initiated a project to stimulate thinking about novel, creative concepts and technologies for future aviation instead of the usual incremental steps in aviation research. This Out of the Box project had was a major success and the reports was well received.