Delft University of Technology

TUD - Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is one of the eight faculties of the Technical University of Delft and one of the largest north European faculties devoted entirely to aerospace engineering. The education and research activities are supported by excellent and extensive laboratory facilities including a broad range of wind tunnels for low and high speeds, the SIMONA 6-DOF flight simulator, the Structures and Materials Laboratory, a clean room for space applications, and a dedicated laboratory to the development of micro aerial vehicles.

The Aerospace Faculty owns also a Cessna Citation jet aircraft, which is operated as flying class for students as well as research test bed.

Collaborations with numerous international and multinational industries ensure that the Faculty remains at the forefront of the latest developments in the aerospace industry. Notable success include the conceptual, aerodynamic and structural design of the Extra 400 business aircraft and the general aviation 2-seater Eaglet EURO/ENAER, as well as the development of GLARE, the fibre metal laminate used in the A380's fuselage.

Today the Aerospace Faculty has an international student body of approximately 2200 undergraduates and graduates, 142 members of academic staff and 91 PhD students.