SLOT - Slot Consulting Ltd.


Slot Consulting is the leading organisation in Hungary in terms of EU FP aeronautics research and development project participation. Slot Consulting is one of the front runner organisations to enhance the aeronautical research cooperation among East European and West European organisations. Besides R&D, the company provides handling arrangement to airlines and consulting services to aviation stakeholders. In terms of research and development Slot Consulting took and takes part in several projects funded by the European Commission (THENA, CAATS, OPTAG, SCRATCH IV, SCRATCH V, AEROPORTAL, CEARES, Aero-Ukraine, TITAN, SANDRA, ATOM, MONITOR) and EUROCONTROL (CDM Business Case, SWIM, Level4CDM, etc.). The company takes part in the development of aeronautics related IT products, such as the BluePowerCDM system. The company was responsible for data collection from aviation stakeholders (airport, airlines, ATC and handling agents) in the CDM Business Case and managed the WP for Exploitation and Dissemination in the OPTAG (FP6) project.

The employees of the company cover a large field of expertise: transport and mechanical engineer, economist and ICT expert on the one hand, and aeronautical engineer, pilot, air traffic controller, airport capacity manager and navigation officer on the other hand that makes the list of competences.