REA - REA - TECH Engineering and Architect Ltd., Hungary

REA-TECH is a small private company established in September, 2006, to solve the engineering problems, design tasks and dealing with innovation process management. Prior REA, the company owners worked in different Ltp.(Limited Partnership) SMEs for more then 10 - 15 years and they have developed special methods for simulation, modeling, engineering and design problems. They also organized conferences and training courses. Some examples from the earlier projects developed by owners of the Rea-Tech Ltd.:

1977 - development of the aircraft emission scattering simulation at airport region, 1997 - 98 -development of a measurement technology for the infrared radiation originating from the helicopter engines 2000 - lifetime evaluation of a small aircraft composite wing for PHARE Regional Development Found, 2001 - development of a virtual laboratory, 2002 - 2003 - development of the emergency technology management, 2003 - 2004 airport multifunctional building design, 2004 -2005 evaluation of the SpaceCom project, 2006 - development of the building security evaluation methods, 2007 - development of a training program for the transport accident investigators, 2007 -contracting with EUROCONTROL for the analysis of the problems associated with small aircraft. The owners also made about 35 expert reports on the flight accident investigations, juridical experts, etc. and are published about 80 scientific articles related to the original and innovative solutions

The owners of REA have a remarkable practice in the participation of different European (such as Creating, SINBAD, EPATS, PPLANE, NELLY, SAT-Rdmp) and other national projects. They have a large practice in project management and in international cooperation.